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Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men

A step-by-step guide to using cannabis and prostate massage for multiple male orgasms

• Details how to awaken the prostate using internal massage techniques, intention, and microdosing with cannabis

• Examines the importance of the prostate as a sex organ and why maintaining its good health is vital for overall wellness and longevity

• Explores the ability of particular strains of cannabis to increase sexual pleasure, sensitize the genitals, and trigger potent orgasms

The secret to multiple male orgasms has been discovered. At the root of this multi-orgasmic pleasure is the prostate gland (the male G-spot) as well as cannabinoids, a group of chemical compounds found in cannabis that relax the mind and body, sensitize the genitals, and arouse the prostate gland.

In this step-by-step guide, Cliff Dunning details how to awaken the prostate, or P-spot, using internal massage, intention, and microdosing with cannabis in order to experience powerful multiple orgasms.

Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men


Cliff Dunning is program director for the San Francisco Cannabis Summit and is host of the award-winning podcasts Earth Ancients and Destiny. He writes for several magazines and is a regular guest on a variety of podcasts and radio programs. He lives in El Sobrante, California.

Cliff Dunning


“Cliff Dunning’s excellent Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men brings exciting news and looks poised to be the go-to guide for men ready to explore what for many of us is untapped potential. The information is well-researched and presented in clear, accessible language with just the right amount of layperson-friendly science to frame the instructions. This book promises to be a game-changer for any man willing to put the detailed, reliable, and responsibly balanced guidance offered here into practice.”

Stephen Gray, author of Cannabis and Spirituality

Cannabis Strains noted for their Sexual Arousal (Aphrodisiac) properties


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Welcome to the Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men website (themaleorgasm.com.) This is the companion to the book, published in May 2022. This site’s aim is to provide you, the reader (or listener), with a complete and up-to-the-minute resource that extends beyond the...
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