Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men
Awaken the Prostate for Multiple Orgasms

Cliff Dunning

ISBN: 9781644114001, April 2022

Paperback: $16.99, 160 pages, 6 x 9

Also available as an ebook

15 b&w illustrations

Imprint: Destiny Books


The New Cannabis “Sexy” Strains and How they are Changing our Ability to have Great Sex, and More Intimacy While Expanding our Awareness of What Gives us Pleasure

A new class of cannabis strains, designed to increase sexual arousal, relaxed inhibitions, and open neural pathway, is radically changing how men and women interact in the bedroom. These powerful, natural aphrodisiacs, sensitize the genitals and can trigger intense pleasure.

Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men, highlights these “Sexy” strains, the prostate or P-Spot, its importance as a sex organ, and how, through internal massage, intention, and micro-dosing cannabis men can now achieve, not one, but multiple orgasms. Readers discover the importance of maintaining good prostate health and the role the prostate plays in sexual satisfaction and why regular orgasms are important to good health.

Used by ancient Hindus in Tantric rituals, the author details how small doses of cannabis stimulate our endocannabinoid system, triggering explosive non-ejaculatory orgasms in men and women. He investigates the cannabis sacrament’s ability to activate our pleasure centers and open the door to multiple orgasms. He details the psychoactive nature of arousal strains, how less is more, and how these designer plants are destined to revolutionize sex while enhancing reproductive health, psychological balance, personal development, and new levels of conscious well-being.

Offering a road map to multiple male orgasms and sexual wellness, this guide reveals the prostate and cannabis as the keys to a lifetime of sexual pleasure.



Cliff Dunning is the former program director for the San Francisco Cannabis Summit and is host of the award-winning podcast Earth Ancients and the recently launched Destiny. He writes for several magazines and is a regular guest on a variety of television, podcast, and radio programs. He lives in El Sobrante, California.

Cliff Dunning



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